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Date   Source Title / Description
1973 20 Aug Chicago Tribune "Diana Nyad's free spirit is challenged by swimming"
1975 6 Oct Daily News (NY) "The Unsinkable Diana Nyad"
1976 1 Aug New York Sunday News "The Challengers of the Channel": [page 1]  [page 2]  [page 3]   [page 4]
1978 21 Jun Barrie Examiner (ON) "Swimming Hall Of Fame Director To Speak At Neptunes' Banquet"
"As a hobby, Mr. Dawson managed a women's marathon swim team which included Olympic swimmers Marty Sinn and Diana Nyad." (Dawson was a close associate of Nyad so would have known that she wasn't an Olympian.)
1978 9 Aug Fort Lauderdale News "If Diana Nyad Goes The Distance, She'll Be Swimming In The Money"
1978 12 Sep Minneapolis Star Want to contact Diana Nyad? The Star suggests either writing her attorney or the Kalmus Corporation, the agency that helped with Nyad's largely fictitious 1978 press release.
1978 15 Oct Chicago Tribune Television schedule showing Nyad on "John Callaway Interviews" See video here.
Among other things Nyad says in this classic: 17:45—"I swam in the North Sea a few years back, a race down the Dutch coast that took me 40 hours and 3 minutes." No one has been able to identify this swim. 11:36—"I don't want to sound too braggartly, but I think that, on August 13th of this year, standing on the Cuba coast about to set off, that I was in the best physical shape of anybody on the face of the earth for that day."
1979 4-5 Sep Pensacola News Two stories on "Diana Nyad, a woman swimmer with perseverance":
"Diana Nyad: If it Hurts to Achieve, She'll Accept the Pain"
/ "Ultimate Challenge: Cuba-to-Florida Swim"


Diana's Last Stands

Date   Source Title / Description
1978 22 Mar Fort Lauderdale News "Diana Nyad To Try Cuba To Key West Record Swim":
"'And that,' said Diana Nyad, 'will be it. I'll never do another long distance swim. It's the most boring sport in the world.'"
1979 24 Oct Windsor Star
"Final Trek for Diana"
1979 24 Oct Fort Lauderdale News "Nyad preparing for last swim"
1979 28 Oct Lebanon Daily News (PA) "Diana's Swan Song"
1979 2 Nov Hartford Courant (CT) "All the Legs Are Alike"
1980 14 Mar South Bend Tribune (IN) "One Swim Left for Diana Nyad"



Date   Source Title / Description
1930 13 July Muncie Sunday Star (IN) Sports photo spread which includes Lillian Garrick (fourth woman around Manhattan) and Leah Riley
1971 25 Mar Atlantic City Press (NJ) Joe Grossman wins Davids-Wheeler Trophy
1972 Mar Swimming Times
"ECHEVERRIA—can he acclimatise?"
1972 20 Apr Atlantic City Press "Hall of Fame Picks Toomey"
1978 17 Aug Post-Star
(Glen Falls, NY)
"Kinsella Tops Mark" — John Kinsella breaks Lake Ontario record.
1981 24 July La Presse (Montreal, QC) LE CIRCUIT DE MARATHONS DE NAGE LONGUE DISTANCE: Beauté, amitiés... et ouverture sur le monde
(THE LONG DISTANCE SWIMMING MARATHON CIRCUIT: Beauty, friendships ... and openness to the world)


Standings / Rankings

Year Title / Description
mult. WPMSF, IMSA, and FINA World Champions, 1963-2007 (via Open Water Boek 2008)
1967 "Iglesias, Denijs Named World's Swim Champion," The Register: Danville, VA, 18 Oct 1967.
1970WPMSF press release
1970WPMSF standings
1971WPMSF standings
1971 "Horacio Iglesias, le meilleur mageur au monde," Le Nouvelliste, 6 Dec 1971.
1972WPMSF press release
1974WPMSF #24
1974 Federation de Marathons de Nage Professionnelle du Quebec (totals for Canadian races)
1974 "D'un marathon à l'autre..." Le Soleil, 21 Aug 1974 (totals for Canadian races)
1976WPMSF press release



1963 - 1973 History of the WPMSF through 1973
1970 (20 Apr) Joe Grossman to Abilio Couto on upcoming races & Catalina record attempt.
1970 - 1972 Diana Nyad's pro race results 1970 - 1972
1970 - 1975 Diana Nyad's WPMSF results
1978 (21 Aug) Richard Mullins' Observer report from Diana Nyad's 1978 Cuba-Florida attempt
1980 - 1983 Swims & Records, 1980-1983
1998 International Marathon Swimming Association newsletter #12



(This table is an edited version of the Diana Nyad Fact Check Annex page, "Docs Project: We Get Letters!" first posted on 25 September 2019.)

Three letters between Buck Dawson, the executive director of the International Swimming Hall of Fame at the time, and Joe Grossman. Dawson writes that he has discovered a new swimmer who will "re-inject some glamour" into the pro racing circuit.
1970 11 May Buck Dawson to Joe Grossman original  
14 May Grossman to Dawson original transcript
20 Jul Dawson to Grossman
(This is a press release in letter form extolling the virtues of the WPMSF's new "Golden Greek.")
The following letters address, among many other things, the controversy surrounding Nyad's 1974 WPMSF World Championship. Dennis Matuch's explanation, "When is a world champion not a world champion?" provides a diplomatic coda. Don Watson, who coached both Sandra Bucha and John Kinsella, provides another view in "Bucha Deserves Just Reward."
1974 Sep Diana Nyad to Dennis Matuch original transcript
9 Nov Nyad to Matuch original transcript
Nov Nyad to Matuch to Conrad Wennerberg original transcript
4 Dec Nyad to Sandra Bucha's parents original  
14 Dec Nyad to Matuch original transcript


Swimming World Marathon/Distance columns

1970 Sep Joe Grossman La Tuque, Hamilton, Lac St-Jean
Oct Grossman receives Davids-Wheeler Trophy
Oct Grossman Saguenay, Kevin Murphy North Channel
Nov ???
1971 Feb Grossman Florence Chadwick
Mar Nyad gets Anderson Award
May Announcement of a Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame.
Includes statement that "the male and female World Champion Marathon Swimmers...are eligible for inclusion...."
Jun Guaymas / Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame
Jul Chicago / UAR races
Sep various races / Chicago postpones
Oct various races / Nyad and English Channel
Nov Kinsella & Bucha win AAU Long Distance champs
1972 Feb Grossman Final 1971 standings—Shadia El Ragab succeeds Judith de Nijs
Mar History / Samia Mandour wins Greta Andersen Trophy
Mar Typed draft of March column
Apr Typed draft of April column—MSHOF announces 1971 honorees
May Typed draft of May column—Water pollution
Jun Typed draft of June column
Jun Races / Greta Andersen
Jul What kind of people become marathon swimmers?
Aug History of prize money in marathon swimming
Sep Chicago race cancelled / Lynne Cox sets EC record
Oct Season wrap-up / Nyad & de Nijs DNFs at Lac St-Jean
Nov Reverse Molokai / Cherbourg EC attempt
Dec End of year WPMSF wrap-up—Shadia El Rageb takes women's title
1973 Jan Grossman George Young obituary
Feb Bio of Willy van Rysel, winner of Davids-Wheeler Award
Jun typed draft of June column: announcement of MSHOF electees
Mar "Marathon swimming, anyone?" Grossman's draft here.
Jun "Joseph Grossman suffers fatal heart attack"
Jul Dennis Matuch Upcoming races
Aug Upcoming Chicago race
Sep Results of first three pro races of season / Nyad drops out of La Tuque
Oct Results of Lac St-Jean and Chicago, Sandra Bucha's first pro swim
Nov Final standings—Corrie Dixon wins women's title
Dec Preview of next season
1974 Feb Matuch Review of Conrad Wennerberg's Wind, Waves and Sunburn
Mar Difference in 10-mile times between different races.
May Mar del Plata / Santa Fe Coronda swims
Jun La Tuque strategy / Nile race
Jul More on the Mar del Plata swim
Sep "Bucha is regarded as the top female marathoner now in the United States, possibly the world." (via Off the Blocks section)
Oct More on Bucha (via Off the Blocks section)
Nov Conrad Wennerberg Results of 1974 pro races (less Capri-Naples)
Dec 1974 World Ratings
1975 Jan Matuch Partial column: "When is a world champion not a world champion?" (partial column)
Jan Complete column: Marathon race funding / "When is a world champion....?"
Feb Mar del Plata overview
Feb Don Watson (letter) Watson, Sandra Bucha's coach, explains why Bucha deserved championship
May Wennerberg Mar del Plata / Buenos Aires walkout
Jul Matuch On solo swim stunts: "[W]hen a newspaper article describes some fantastic or projected 20 to 136 mile ocean swimin which the marathoner would average three m.p.h, or better, I holler 'FRAUD.'"
Aug Upcoming events: Lac St-Jean and Chicago
Oct 1975 rankings / Paul Bucha (Sandra Bucha's dad) on the ranking system
Nov Kevin Murphy triple attempt / Des Renford
1976 Jul Matuch Effect of Montreal Olympics on Canadian races
Oct Jon Erikson Nutrament ad / Chibougamau race details
Nov Jon Erikson Nutrament ad / Lac St-Jean
1977 Jan 1976 World rankings: Kinsella and Nicholas tops
Mar Wennerberg Jon Erikson in ad for Nutrament / Comparison of pro swimmers, 1964-1977
May Kinsella & Bucha in ad for races
Jul Wennerberg Listing of upcoming races
Nov Matuch Rundown of Chibougamau 3-part race, which Kinsella won
1978 Jan Matuch Lac St-Jean / Cynthia Nicholas' double EC / 1977 men's world rankings
Feb 1977 women's world rankings
Mar Stephen Malley "Orca Surfaces From the Depths"
Jun Matuch Paspebiac
Jul MSHOF revitalization / Rio Corondo
Nov Wennerberg John Kinsella's year: He won every race he entered in 1978
1979 Jan Matuch World rankings: Kinsella wins 4th championship; Passfield best woman.
Feb On the mind of the marathoner, including Penny Dean's mental prep for her EC world record.
Mar Wennerberg Comparison of pro swimmers, 1964-1977
Jun Wennerberg MSHOF inductees / Rio Coronda
Oct Jon Erikson attempts triple EC, settles for a double (and two records)
1980 Feb Matuch 1979 races and final standings
1981 Feb James A. Barry 1980 races and final standings


World Professional Marathon Swimming Federation Bulletins

(This table is a new and improved version of the Diana Nyad Fact Check Annex page,
"Docs Project: WPMSF bulletins," first posted on 31 August 2019.)

1964 #1 — Spring #2 — Autumn
1965 #3 — Spring #4 — Summer #5 — Autumn
1966 #6 — missing #7 — Summer#8  — Winter
1968 #9 — Spring #10 — Autumn #11 — Winter
1969 #12 — Spring #13 — Autumn
1970 #14 — Winter #15 — Spring
1971 #16 — Winter #17 — Spring #18 — Dec
1972 #19 — Spring #20 — Autumn
1973 #21 — Dec
1974 #22 — Feb #23 — May #24 — Nov
1975 #25 — Feb #26 — May #27 — missing #28 — Oct
1976 #29 — Feb #30 — Apr #31 — Jun #32 — Nov
1977 #33 — May #34 — Nov
1978 #35 — Feb #36 — Jun #37 — Oct #38 — Dec
1979 #39 — May #40 — Dec
1981 #?? — Oct
1985 #85-3 — Dec


Press releases from various organizations

1970 WPMSF 1970 rankings  
1971 MSHOF Announcement of inductees. Draft by Joe Grossman, with notations.
1972 MSHOF Johnny Weissmuller, International Commissioner of professional marathon swimming, announces upcoming races.  
1972 WPMSF 1972 rankings  
1976 WPMSF 1976 rankings  
1978 Kalmus Corp. page 1 - page 2 Hyperbole- and fiction-filled document that Nyad doled out before her first Cuba-Florida expotition. See "Anatomy of a 1978 Nyad Press Release" at the Nyad Fact Check Annex.
??? WPMSF Matuch elected WPMSF president  




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