Say it Ain’t So, Diana!

We can now prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Diana Nyad lied about being in every book of aptonyms. Also: It appears that there may have been another wife in the life of Diana’s father, Aris.

Let’s review. In Find a Way, Nyad writes:

Today I’m listed in all those books where people live out the meaning of their names, a phenomenon referred to by the term “aptonym.” (p. 44)

In a previous post, I wrote that I could only find one such book: Steven Busalaachi’s Wacky News Names. I recently bought a copy and learned that not only did Busalaachi leave Nyad out of his book, he described why he left her out, naming her specifically. From the introduction:

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Another Day, Another Interview, v. 2: “My Lord, Will You Leave the Woman Alone?!”

“Another Day, Another Interview” returns with a closer look at Diana Nyad’s 2013 Super Soul Sunday interview. It’s all here: the lies, the hyperbole, the obsequiousness, my dog.


Ever on the lookout for opportunities to pander to her enablers, Diana Nyad wrote on Facebook a few months ago:

Oprah Winfrey has turned her television series SuperSoul Sunday into a podcast.

Podcasts are the platform du jour and Oprah, per usual, leads the pack. [May 31, 2018]

A brief history of podcasting may be in order:

  • 2004: Journalist Ben Hammersley coins the word “podcast.”
  • 2005: Apple adds podcasts to iTunes.
  • 2016: Apple reports that listeners downloaded or streamed 10.5 billion episodes from its podcast apps. See “Apple’s podcasts just topped 50 billion….
  • 2017: Oprah launches Super Soul Conversations, a podcast that includes audio versions of her old video interviews, notably (for our purposes) the one that Nyad gave back in 2013.

Oprah may lead the pack in some areas, but podcasting is not one of them. The new incarnation of Nyad’s interview, however, prompted me to have another listen, and what a special listen it was. Hang onto your swim caps because, as Oprah says:

Your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us starts right now. (:16)

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Another Day, Another Interview: TEAM NEVER QUIT

Two former US Navy SEALs interview Diana and discover, among other things, that she grew up in Paris and that she has set her sights on Broadway.

I’ve got a backlog of Nyad interviews to examine. Starting with this one, I’m going to try to move through them quickly, listing the lies while commenting only briefly.

Why bother looking for more of Nyad’s deceptions after listing so many already? The higher the pile of fabrications, the more evidence that Diana Nyad is a compulsive liar and a fraud. And maybe, at some point, the pile will get so high that it will be impossible to ignore.
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Nyad names the three best distance swimmers on the planet. You’ll have to guess the other two.

Forget the World Cup, the Mueller investigation, global warming, and right-wing extremism. The wait is over: Diana Nyad has crowned the top three distance swimmers in the world.

Last August, the Platypus Institute’s NeuronFire podcast aired an interview with Diana Nyad. Regular visitors to the Annex will recognize most of the tales that Nyad tells host David Bach, M.D. — the lethality of box jellyfish, for instance, and the hordes of swimmers lined up to swim “the Mount Everest of Earth’s Oceans.” But Nyad came up with some new material for the occasion. Of that material, one gem, one precious opal of nonsense, shines out above the rest: Nyad names the three greatest marathon swimmers on earth. After doing so, she attacks the two who aren’t her.
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