Attachment Disorder 3: Well-Connected

A little ingenuity, a little practice, and a lot of clear, high test fishing line: Here’s how Diana might have hitched a ride from Cuba to Florida.

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Bonnie grabbed my shoulders….
She looked in my eyes, and she said, “Let’s find a way.”
And I took the leap. And we found our way.
 – Diana Nyad, Generation Bold, 18 Nov 2018, 4:51

To guarantee the success of her Cuba-Florida swim, Diana Nyad needed to construct a system that, ideally, would:

      1. Overcome unfavorable currents at any time of the day or night.
      2. Be easy to deploy and remove.
      3. Be invisible—not only to outsiders (the press, curious boaters, etc.) but also to members of her team, most of whom would not be in on the plan.

Whatever method she settled on, she didn’t use it in previous attempts. She probably had not envisioned it yet, still dreaming that she could make the swim under her own power.

In the year leading up to the 2013 attempt, Nyad’s guide boat, Voyager, accompanied her during long practice swims. Again, whatever method she decided on, she had plenty of time during those swims to develop and test her system.

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