Diana Nyad Spills at Bold Missy Brewery

The Bold Missy Brewery of Charlotte, North Carolina, created a beer to honor Diana Nyad. Something is wrong with this pitcher.

At Bold Missy, they name their brews for inspiring women. Right now, they’ll pour you beers that honor astronaut Sally Ride, sharpshooter Annie Oakley, aviator Amelia Earhart, and mountaineer/explorer Alison Levine.

And they recently added a new one for Diana Nyad:

Later on, I’ll suggest a few alternatives to Find a Way Wheat. First, though, I want to point out some highs and lows from Nyad’s recent appearance with Levine at Bold Missy. The highs all came, by the way, via Levine, whose integrity and authenticity provided an uplifting counterpoint to Nyad’s narcissism and deceit.
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