A Response to “Slosberg The Shrewd Sleuth”

Two months ago, Steven Munatones posted an article about my investigation into the sabotage of Openwaterpedia. Most of what he said about me in the post is false. Here’s why.

On December 23, Steven Munatones published “Slosberg The Shrewd Sleuth” at Openwaterswimming.com. Most of the article consists of text that Munatones recycled from “Shameful, Simply And Sadly Shameful,” an earlier post about the Openwaterpedia vandalism. After the “Shameful…” parts, he adds a final paragraph about the nominal subject (me!) and how I…

set about to identify and helped stop this hacking. [Slosberg] was extremely helpful and brilliant in his approach. He was able to resolve issues on tens of thousands pages. His sleuthing was incredible and greatly appreciated.

Now, I’m grateful for praise as long as it’s for a genuine accomplishment. But pats on the back for things I didn’t do feel creepy and manipulative.
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