Chasing The Swimmer, Part 1: A Boring, Blustery Thing of Beauty

Last September, Diana Nyad brought her two-person show, The Swimmer: The Diana Nyad Story, to New York City. Her three-day run was the near-culmination of one of Diana’s fantasies: to perform on Broadway. As usual, she filled her show with exaggerations and lies.

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She performed it at the sixth-largest Off-Broadway theatre

It is both an honor and a thrill to have the largest NY off Broadway Theater, the Minetta Lane, present me this opportunity.  (FB, 18 Sep 2019)

The Minetta Lane Theater is New York’s largest off Broadway theater and I do believe we brought down the house last night…. (FB, 27 Sep 2019)

…and the New York Times didn’t review it…

And, um, it went well…. The New York Times gave us a glowing review. (Nyad at the Ebell)

…and she really wanted to present it on Broadway, not off.
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