Diana Nyad, Extraordinary Human

In a talk for the Australian organization Business Chicks, Diana Nyad sunk to new lows. Here’s a quick fact check of Nyad’s most recent fiesta of falsehoods.

All quotes from Extraordinary Humans: Diana Nyad unless otherwise noted.

Crack Open a Cool One — It’s Virus Time!

I don’t want to look back constantly and cast back, “Oh, I did that, and wasn’t that great.”

So said Diana Nyad regarding her Cuba-Florida triumph. On the other hand,

There was so much depth to it, so much inspiration to it, that I wanted, during this COVID virus time, to look back at my own story.

Diana spent about an hour looking back. She mostly stuck to her stump speech but threw in a few embellishments, varied a few themes, and added a finale that left me trembling in my surf booties.

She also added some appalling bits to her preamble. We’ll get to that later.
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