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An uplifting moment with Diana as she gets a hand with her jelly suit. Via Instagram.




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Please send tips, corrections, additions, and constructive criticism.

Unconstructive criticism is okay too, but please strive for originality. Avoid responses that I and other heretics have already heard:

  1. You’re a loser.
  2. You’re just jealous/envious.
  3. Sour grapes! (Cf. Diana Nyad on the English Channel.)
  4. Some people just can’t be happy for others and their accomplishments. (Cf. Diana Nyad on Walter Poenisch.)
  5. Shame on you for trying to take this from her! (Cf. Diana Nyad on Walter Poenisch again, not to mention that no one can take anything from her if she didn’t have it in the first place.)
  6. If she’s a cheater, why didn’t she cheat the first time?
  7. You have no right to question her until you’ve accomplished exactly the same thing.
  8. You’re only saying this because she’s a woman.
  9. You’re only saying this because she’s a lesbian.
  10. You’re only saying this because she’s better at marketing than you are.
  11. Her lies don’t matter because her message is so awesome!


Men hate her.
Young people hate her.
Straight people hate her.
Sub-standard athletes hate her.
Because she prevailed.
Old lesbians aren’t supposed to be role models.
That would be too  .  .  .  .  weird.
Congratulations Diana.

—fan comment (The Guardian, 8 Sep 2013)




I Truly believe in Karna  .  .  . The universe took care of Diana as she used her positivity within  .  . The others who bring this negative energy will never understand  .  .  .

—fan comment (Facebook, 9 Sep 2013)




wahhhhh!!!! a 64 year old woman did it and we couldn’t! waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

—fan comment (U.S. News, 8 Sep 2013, archived)