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Mille Gade Corson



1919, 26 Oct - Harriet Emilia Gade arrives in U.S. from Denmark with brother Jakob

Passenger manifest: page 1 - page 2 - detail



1921, 27 Jun

Gade Swims Around Manhattan




1921, Sep




1926, Aug

Mrs. Corson Swims English Channel


“American Mother of Two Conquers English Channel” (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Thorough coverage of Corson, her swim, and related news.

“Dover congratulating Mrs Millie Clemmington Corson” (image at Channel Swimming Dover)

“The First Mother and the Channel” (London News)

“First Mother to Swim Channel”(New York Herald Tribune)

“Her Babies and City Welcome Mrs. Corson Home From Channel”(New York Herald Tribune)

“Mother Swims Channel”(New York Herald Tribune)


“$100,000 Offer For Ederle-Gade Catalina Swim”(New York Herald Tribune)

“Mrs. Corson’s Entry Fee For $25,000 Race Posted”(New York Herald Tribune)


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British Pathé

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Danish Immigration Test

“Indfødsretsprøven 2019 *** Sjove fakta om Danmark *** Mille Gade”

“Immigration Test 2019 *** Fun Facts about Denmark *** Mille Gade,” via indfødsretsprøve.dk (in Danish).




A central site for searching hundreds of Danish archives.

See Gade, Harriet Emilie images and documents.


BnF: Gallica

Images from the digital library of the Bibliothèque nationale de France. All from 1926 except for the first:


In 1921.


With Mercedes Gleitze.




Last feed—note cliffs in background.

End of crossing.



Smithsonian Online Virtual Archives


Channel Swimming Dover


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