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Lillian Garrick


1929, 7 July - Swims from Battery to Statue of Liberty


“Girl Sets Swim Record” (Brooklyn Times Union)

“She’s a Streak” (New York Daily News)

“She’s Speedy” (Post-Star, Glen Falls, NY)



1929, 21 July - Becomes 4th woman to swim around Manhattan, sets record


“Breaks Record” (Muncie Morning Star, IN)

“Girl, 17, in Record Swim Around Manhattan” (New York Times)

“Girl, 17, Sets Swim Record” (Brooklyn Daily Eagle, with Lottie Schoemmell)

“Girl Swimmer Circles Manhattan in 11½ Hours” (New York Herald Tribune)

“In Record Swim Around Manhattan” (Decatur Herald)

“Lillian Garrick, 17, Sets New Record” (Binghamton Press, Binghamton, NY)

“Makes Record Swim” (Pittsburgh Press)

“New York Girl Sets New Record” (Evening News, Wilkes-Barre, PA)

“Real Water Lily”/“Why Not Take Boat?” (Daily News, New York)

Untitled (Daily Argus Leader, Sioux Falls, SD)


“Girl Swimmer’s Time Lowered” (New York Herald Tribune)

The Herald Tribune reports that Garrick’s Manhattan time, originally stated as 11 hours, 36 minutes, was actually 10 hours, 26 minutes.



1929, August - Prepping for 10-mile Wrigley marathon at Canadian National Exhibition


“Hot Diggity! Look At That Crawl” (photo from Daily News, NY)

“Swimming Season Is On—Girls Have Ambitions To Do Big Things” (photo from Omaha World-Herald, with Anne Benoit, Leah Riley, et al.)

“17-Year-old Girl Trains for Marathon Swim” (photo from Binghamton Press, Binghamton, NY)

“Mermaid Trains for Coming Swim on Lake Ontario” (photo from The Lincoln Evening Journal, NE)

“Participants in Wrigley Marathon” (photo from Detroit Free Press, with Anne Benoit, Leah Riley, et al.)


1930, July - Congratulates Leah Riley for breaking her record

“Sets Record to Lady Liberty” (Shamokin Dispatch, Shamokin, PA)

Garrick Congratulates Riley (Morning News, Wilmington, DE)

“TRUE SPORTSMANSHIP” (Muncie Sunday Star, IN)


1930, August - Manhattan race

Photos from Manhattan Race (with Garrick, Busse, and Benoit, NY Daily News)

screenshot from Manhattan race film—Benoit, Busse, Garrick

screenshot from Manhattan race film—Garrick




1931, March


1934, November

“So She Won’t Talk, Eh?” (San Francisco Examiner)


1942 - Joins the U.S. Army


1943 - Recruiting, et al.

“WAC Officer Talks” Lt. Lillian Garrick gives WAC recruiting talk (Oregon Statesman, Salem, OR)

more on Garrick’s talk (Capital Journal, Salem, OR)

“Airbase Officers Will Name Miss Bombar-Dear” (Oregon Statesman)

“Rotary Hears WAC Officer” (Capital Journal)

“WAC Service Proving Value” (Oregon Statesman)




1944 - Garrick marries Lt. Roy Preston Dunann, U.S. Navy