A 2013 Interview Sheds Light On a New Nyad Defender

In May 2013, Diana Nyad spoke with William De La Guerra Poett and predicted the future, feigned indifference, named the Jane Goodall of jellyfish, and more.

Diana Nyad’s recent Facebook post about an upcoming speaking gig sent Bill Poett to the moon:

This makes me super happy, your interview was one of the highlights of my show.

When swimmer Lisa Amorao pointed out that “Diana Nyad is the biggest fraud in marathon swimming,” Poett took offense, equating truth with hate:

not sure why you got to pass on hate, her swim from Cuba to Florida was no fraud so you might want to stand down.

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Highlights From Diana Nyad’s Appearance on Seize the Yay

Diana Nyad treats us to some surprises as she addresses her movie, her dog, and who should tell her story.

Sarah Davidson, erstwhile corporate lawyer and current “funtrepeneur,” met Diana Nyad, erstwhile marathon swimmer and current contrepeneur, on Necker Island, property of erstwhile budgie breeder and current sine-qua-non-trepreneur Richard Branson.

Diana Nyad and Richard Branson on Nekker Island.
From the con artist playbook: Stand next to a reputable and/or revered and/or wealthy person. Get photo. Viewers will unconsciously assume that you, the con artist, are in the same league as the person standing next to you. (Image: detail from Nyad’s Facebook page.)

As a result, Davidson invited Nyad to appear on her podcast, Seize the Yay. In their chat, Diana presented many variations on her standard themes — you can find an annotated list here — but she tossed in a handful of surprises, which you’ll find below. Diana has not lost her touch! Continue reading “Highlights From Diana Nyad’s Appearance on Seize the Yay”