Diana Fabricates Another Holocaust Story, This Time About Her Own Family

According to an article Vanity Fair posted yesterday, the upcoming Nyad biopic “doesn’t paint [her] as a liar.” If that’s true, then Diana’s latest Holocaust exploitation tale proves the filmmakers didn’t have a clue about their subject.

During the COVID lockdown, Diana Nyad took members of her walking group,  EverWalk, on two virtual journeys: one from Cuba to Florida  (Diana walked on water!) and another along le chemin de la liberté, “The Freedom Trail.”

Those who signed up monitored their progress using a step-tracking app, WalkerTracker. For the Freedom Trail journey, they followed “the actual story of Diana Nyad’s mother Lucy” and her “escape from the Nazis over the famous Chemin de la Liberté in the Pyrenees.”

Virtual EverWalk detail

For those of us who missed the virtual Pyrenees walk, Diana kindly posted an abridged version of her tale, “My Mother’s Journey to Freedom” (archived). Here’s a summary:
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