Diana Nyad’s New Minimalist Website Leaves Plenty Of Room For A Maximalist Liar

In Diana’s new website, she and her handlers try to sweep 50 years of lies and self-obsession under the rug. They needed a bigger rug and a shorter page.

[Update, 28 Nov 2023: Sometime within the last 10 days, diananyad.com grew into a multi-page site. I’ve linked below to archived versions when necessary.]

Last week, after over a month of displaying “CHECK BACK IMMINENTLY for the launch of the new Diana Nyad Website,” the diananyad.com upgrade went live. The entire site now amounts to a single page titled:

A Reflection, by Diana Nyad.

Diana’s handlers must have wanted to keep the update brief to limit opportunities for “misstatements.” However, even a single page offers Nyad plenty of room to lie.

Evidence in Nyad’s “Reflection” suggests her handlers knew this, so they continued trying to rein her in:

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No Syrup, No Swimmer

Without Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup and the fortune it generated, Diana Nyad as we know and love her would not exist.

“The Curtis family,” wrote Diana Nyad,

“…had come from a century-old successful clan of New Yorkers, starting back in the early 1800s with the first Lucy Winslow, one of the first female physicians in Manhattan….” (p. 36)

As I wrote in …The Lies in Find A Way, Lucy Winslow, Nyad’s great great grandmother, came from Maine, didn’t move to New York until the mid-1800s, and was not a physician.

But Miss Lucy Winslow was not the Mrs. Winslow of soothing syrup fame. Diana confused Lucy with her mom. Before I explain, we’ll need a bit more background from Find a Way:
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